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I love this band a lot. That's why I decided to make a blog dedicated to them. Avenged Sevenfold are excellent musicians and deserve all the fame they have and more. So feel free to join in my indulgence and follow for lots of A7X.
Met my heroes on 8/27/13.

Note this is a side blog so if I follow you it's from the10thdoctorstardis.



Synyster Gates, M Shadows and Arin Ilejay at Rock Im Park 2014

Shadows has perfected Triple H’s water spit & it’s one of my faves to witness & Gates hand/finger work plus the odd mid-stroke/jerk smirk/weird expression should be good for the bestie :D


Omfg, Jimmy in this pictuuure. 
- ohyusa7x


Omfg, Jimmy in this pictuuure. 


A7X + magazine covers, requested by Anonymous.

Shirtless requested by love-n-cannabis.